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May 18, 2020



The Oregon Consular Corps is an organization of diplomats consisting of consuls general, consuls honorary, vice-consuls honorary, consuls emeriti, and ex officio members who have represented or do represent governments of foreign nations in Oregon, as well as representatives of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle.

The Oregon Consular Corps is an Oregon nonprofit corporation with members who serve or have served within the United States as diplomatic representatives to other nations and foreign jurisdictions.  Members include consuls general, honorary consuls, vice-honorary consuls, consuls emeriti, and representatives of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.  The Oregon Consular Corps is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code.

A consul is an official appointed by another country and certified by the U. S. State Department. Members of the Oregon Consular Corps are dedicated to improving relations, communications, trade, travel, and assisting and protecting foreign nationals living or traveling within the consular territory.  Approximately 30 nations have consuls general and honorary consuls in Oregon.

Oregon has had consular services for over a century with consular officers often having jurisdiction extending in other parts of the western United States.  For assistance please consult the list of members.



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